About Us

  • Digibit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a complete IT Solution provider. Digibit is committed to providing excellence in client service. We have the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison.

    The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity, and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of the total IT & Broadcast Solution. The company has been providing original technologies and products to meet the demands of our customers, society and the times we live in.



    Company Strategy: -

    • Purpose - To be a leader in the IT industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.
    • Vision - Become a market Leader in the business of providing 360-degree support and services to IT and Broadcasting industry. We shall do whatever it takes to become known as a trust-worthy company by both our employees as well as business Partners – vendors or customers.
    • Mission statement - To build long term relationships with our customers, clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.
    • GOAL: Our goal is to achieve the following in next 3 years’ time frame
    • Create multiple employee stake-holders
    • Create business leaders at all levels within the organization
    • Become a highly system driven organization


    Core values - Our core values are driven by our respect for our customers.

    • Commitment: Developing long-term relationships by keeping our commitments to clients, Partners, and employees.
    • Excellence: Making excellence predictable through superior results and superior people.
    • Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking
    • Respect for others: Recognizing the unique value and contribution made by every individual.


    Scope of Work: -


    • To carry on business in India or outside on complete Information Technology (IT) enabled products and services including setting up of back office operations, call centers, data processing centers, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) centers, KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) centers, medical transcriptions, e-mail centers, bill paying centers, legal & secretarial service centers, accounting centers including taxation, pay rolls accounting and other transaction and back office operations.


    • To undertake, promote, software development for private and Government Organizations, E-Governance, E-Commerce, web based application and web designing, GIS, map digitization, Radio Solutions, TV Solutions, Studio, PCR, System Integration, placement of manpower, outsourcing jobs, ERP/IT consulting, hardware and software supply and service, networking enabled services, system administration and management, IT system security management, IT services, survey, training, awareness generation, capacity building, graphic design and animation, publication of books and periodicals, site preparation work for setting up of IT infrastructure, interior design, Services-Tech Support, Consultancy, and annual maintenance.


    • To own, manage and run computer training and data processing centers and to act as consultants, advisors, developers and traders in computer programming, system development, system design, system architecture, software designing, computer aided designs, data compilation and statistical analysis and to carry on the business of traders, developers, assemblers, repairs, importers, exporters of software packages, computer systems, computer peripherals, computer parts, computer consumables and electronic communication systems, data publishing and processing systems and other industrial automation systems and gadgets.


    • To provide human resource services including HR management consultancy services, executive & other personnel search, recruitment & placement services, human resource related services such as talent acquisition, development, training, coaching, management, performance evaluation, enhancement, assessment and executive development, in India and abroad.


    Our Strength:

    Our strengths are around our people, innovative solutions, process orientation, professional services and customer-centricity in whatever we do. These are the guiding factors and pillars upon which Digibit stands. But one thing which makes Digibit a class apart solution provider and strategic product vendor to IT & broadcasting industry.Our people are our strength. Digibit team works in an integrated manner to serve the client. Our integrated approach ensures synergy between the efforts of our people. We have dedicated team of technologists, engineers, customer interface people, thinkers, designers, and developers. Our people are well - conversant with the state - of - the - art Professional IT & audio as well as video broadcast equipment.

    Our strength lies in our fast services. We are able to serve our customer speedily due to ready availability of spares, consumables and accessories. We value the importance of time for our clients who are in the business of selling inventory in the form of time. Digibit is competent to respond to client's service needs very fast and reduce the down time of the equipments and systems to the minimum possible level.

    Finally, Digibit can provide comprehensive and most appropriate solution due to understanding of technology, processes, services and customer's requirements. Our strength lies in better understanding of our customers' needs as compared to others.

About us

  • Digibit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a complete IT Solution provider. Digibit is committed to providing excellence in client service. We have the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison.